Why did you start making Beet and Panda?

In April 2018, I created one comic strip a day and didn’t miss a Beet. It was a 30-day challenge. At first the project was intended to keep me drawing while writing my graphic novel… but it soon became the main event. I had a lot of fun writing and drawing Beet and Panda… that’s why I’ll be posting new episodes this Fall!

What is Beet and Panda?

It’s a comic strip!

But what is it about?

Beet is an anxious vegetable. He worries about his health, stress levels, and practicing the hottest new wellness tips. He loves a clean house! Simply put, Beet is complex. His roommate, however, is fat, lazy and comes from old money… it’s Panda! He’s a lovable slob who is cute and cuddly… but don’t try and take away his fruit pies. Together, Beet and Panda is an odd-couple comedy that delivers memorable characters in relatable every-day situations.

Where can I view episodes?

Go subscribe to the comic at WebToons.com. If you follow me and watched Beet and Panda’s story unfold last April, you won’t see new content until September 29th. That is because I am posting all of April’s episodes before I begin to post new ones.

A full archive of the strip can be found on BeetAndPanda.com.

But Nic, I can’t wait until September. I want new Beet and Panda now!

I’m doing this for free, you’ll be happy with what I give you!

Beet and Panda T-Shirts? Pins? Will you make those kind of things available for sale?

I LOVE working on products so I think it’s only a matter of time before I make some Beet and Panda swag.

You know, posting artwork within body copy will help this blog post’s S.E.O.

Say no more!

Beet and Panda