The Milkshake Heist is Awesome!

The Milkshake Heist drawings I am doing this week are less refined because they are sketches and aren’t final artwork. Sketches share what I am going for without investing a ton of time. It’s a preliminary step to sell the idea/composition to an art director. I aim to create 9-12 sketches per day, that’s about 4 pages of comics. I typically draw them without color (pictured at the bottom of this page is one that has some spot colors because I loved the drawing enough to quickly whip some color into it… I am not a book making robot, I have to do fun things to stay sane!).
secret text
The pages will complete the 3rd Milkshake Heist dummy book. There have been many revisions! Publishers will see the sample chapter for the first time at the end of this month, it’s an exciting time for sure!
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Milkshake Heist


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